Jack and Matt realise how much Joe has changed, and Annie worries a confrontation between Jack and Joe is inevitable. Meanwhile, Donald and Henry are confused when Seth hides the fact his bike has been returned.


Matt and Jack discuss how Joe has changed since he left the village for France. Jack wonders what he's up to buying Hotten Market for NY Estates. Matt suggests they ask Henry to get in contact with Mr Golding to find out exactly what is going to happen and how it will affect their future. Later, Henry tells Jack that Golding will never sell up as he won’t know what to do with himself, but Henry nevertheless rings Golding and suggest they meet up. When they meet, Golding tells him that the farmers are right to be concerned but he has no intention of selling, Henry announces that that is good news. Alan tells Seth that the rumours of NY buying the market are untrue and tells him to spread that around. Seth tells him it would be bad news for the village if it were true, Alan agrees. Later in the day Joe rings NY head office and asks if he can increase the maximum bid. Alan tells Joe that if NY do buy Hotten Market it will do nothing for the image of the company with the Beckindale villagers. At The Woolpack, Henry tells Donald that his bike has been returned just as Seth arrives. They wait for Seth to announce that his bike has been returned, but he doesn’t. Jackie tells Kathy that what they do at the cottage has got nothing to do with Joe and threatens to move back to the farm. Kathy informs him that Joe has never said it had and laughs at how serious he takes things. As Joe leaves the cottage for the head office in Lincoln, he jokes to Jackie to make the most of the free house but Jackie doesn’t find it funny. As Pat runs through the guest list for the christening with Annie and Jack, Annie warns Jack that there is to be no arguments between him and Joe.


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