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Henry convinces Mr Golding to not sell Hotten Cattle Market to NY Estates, instead making Karen director. Meanwhile, Jackie and Kathy connect over their parents splitting.


Jackie informs Kathy that he didn’t always know that Jack was his father and that he knows how she feels as he watched Pat and Tom, who he thought was his dad, break up. Meanwhile, Dolly tries to get Matt to open up to her but to no avail. When she talks with Annie, she says she is struggling to get Matt to talk, and she says that Harry is in the past now. At The Woolpack, Seth teases Amos that his article has done nothing to aid the return of his bike as Henry looks on wondering what Seth is up to. Later, Mr Golding arrives at the pub to talk to Henry and it seems that Golding might be changing his mind about selling. Golding tells him that he's not in the best of health and informs him how good Karen is at her job. Henry suggests making Karen a director of the company, giving her full responsibility and allowing him taking a back seat in things. He agrees to think about it. Jack plays the proud father as Donald arrives to discuss the christening. Jack's good mood soon fades however, when Henry informs him that Golding could still be persuaded to sell. Henry tells him that the only one who can stop Joe now is Jack himself.


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