NY Estates purchases the Hotten Cattle Market, but Joe immediately puts his foot in it by bringing up Jack and Karen's affair. Meanwhile, Kathy is unimpressed when Jackie moves back to Emmerdale Farm.


Annie talks to Dolly about how Jack has become softer over the years and now Joe seems to have become harder. Kathy teases Jackie about how they should be guilty of what Joe keeps accusing them of, which leaves a smile on Jackie's face. Jackie later informs Joe that he will be moving out, Joe can’t understand it and asks wouldn’t he and Kathy have more privacy at the cottage which doesn’t please Jackie. He packs his bags and returns to Emmerdale Farm. Kathy is not too impressed when she learns of this, wondering why Jackie gave up on a place where they could be alone together, Jackie tells her what difference does it make as she and him are only friends. Joe and Christopher meet up with Mr Golding for lunch. Golding tells them of his plans to make Karen a director but is shocked when he learns they had planned to offer him nearly half a million for his business. After much discussion, Golding half heartedly agrees to the offer on the conditions that both Karen and Sandie are kept on, Joe promises. He later delights in telling Alan that they have bought Hotten Market. The girls are saddened to hear that the market is to be sold to NY when Golding informs them but ensures them that they will be kept on. Sandie and Karen contemplate leaving but instead they decide to find out what NY Estates has in store for the place, Karen rings Joe at Home Farm to discuss things but Joe would rather discuss it with her over a drink that night. Karen enquires to Joe what will change at the market over their meal, Joe tells her that nothing will change as he wanted her to stay on as much as Golding did. Joe makes the mistake of touching upon the subject of her and Jack's affair, he tells her he can see why Jack left home, which kills the mood completely. She replies no to the offer of a night-cap at his place.


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