Beattie has taken a drastic liking to the twins. Amos writes to Henry, informing him that his brother has died.


Reverend Ruskin holds a sermon in the church. Liz notices a Bishop at the service that she doesn't know, who later telephones the Vicarage and arranges to visit for tea the following day. Henry tries to find out why Amos hasn't returned from visiting his brother yet. Joe quizzes Annie on why Jack left. Henry receives a letter from Amos stating his brother's health has deteriorated and he doesn't know when he'll be back. Joe disapproves of the amount of time Henry's spending away from the farm and he promises to ask Alison to cover for him on Monday to attend Joe's meeting. The Bishop visits the Vicarage for tea. Ben calls at the Forge for petrol and informs Frank that he and Beattie are moving to the area so he'll have a new regular customer. Annie has problems with the kitchen facilities. Ben and Beattie visit the farm again. Beattie dashes upstairs to see the twins. Ben helps Sam tend to the kitchen sink. The Bishop offers Reverend Ruskin an archdeaconate position. He agrees to think about it and discuss it with Liz. Amos rings the Vicarage to pass on a message to Henry that his brother has died and he will be returning to The Woolpack shortly.


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  • Final appearance of Joanna Tope as Dr. Scott, who appears only in the church congregation. She would continue to be referenced for some time after this episode but would not be seen.
  • TV Times synopsis: The Harvest Festival brings the promise of a new life to the Rev. and Mrs. Ruskin. Annie has her own troubles, most of them in the kitchen.
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