Matt discovers his uncle has gotten a job in the village. Edward questions his faith and reveals to the Bishop that he is unsure whether it can be restored.


Matt and Joe arrive back at the farm to see Ben and Beattie's car there again. They realise Ben must have gotten the job working for Dan Middleton. Ben and Sam have broken the sink after trying to fix it. Matt promises to bring the twins to see Alison the next time he's in the village. Reverend Ruskin struggles with his decision over the archdeaconate position. Joe takes order of getting a new sink for the farm. Annie is impressed. Janie tries to convince Frank that he should seize his opportunity as he heads off to Hotten to meet Dan Middleton. Matt gives him a lift. Reverend Ruskin tells the Bishop that his faith is troubled and that he looks at the world and is frightened that it's beyond redemption. The Bishop manages to restore his faith but Reverend Ruskin decides against the archdeaconate. Joe's surprised when he discovers Henry has also bought shares in Alison's shop.


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