Pat's irritable and suspicious of Karen being linked with Joe. Amos tells Henry he's going to ask Joe to be on the bowling team along with Clifford and Alan. Dolly, Matt and Sam are disappointed when they are unable to go to the beach as it starts to rain. Alan tells Clifford to keep him in the picture with anything he needs at the farm. Seth gets Kathy to purchase a pint for him in The Woolpack. She takes it outside where he pours it into his own glass. Amos tries to scupper his getaway but fails. Sandie accepts Phil's offer to buy her a pint in The Woolpack later. Dolly, Matt and Sam decide to cut their holiday short and return home. Donald and Henry vie for the position of referee at the bowls match, having both failed to make the team. Joe and Karen join Jack, Phil and Sandie in The Woolpack. Karen feels awkward and walks out. Joe goes after her and apologises but she tells him she can't be around Jack. Outside, she rants at him when he asks if she still has feelings for Jack before admitting that she isn't sure what she feels. They kiss.


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