Amos returns to the village following his brother's death. Annie and Beattie clash, and Sam worries how much time Beattie and Ben spend at the farm.


A taxi drops Amos back at The Woolpack. Sam and Annie discuss where Henry's going to live now that Amos is back. Joe talks to Matt about Jameson's Farm, stating they need to make better use of it. He ponders the idea of them selling Hawthorn Cottage and putting the money into the farm. Beattie accidentally leaves her gloves behind in the Village Store. Annie receives a letter from Jack stating he's going to Rome. Beattie and Ben call at the farm again to see the twins. Beattie has bought some gripe water for them. Annie informs her that she already has some and the two disagree over the brand. Henry asks Amos if he can stay on in the extra room at The Woolpack if he pays rent. Joe receives a letter from Carol. Sam expresses his weariness of Ben and Beattie constantly visiting the farm.


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