It's the day of Pat's funeral. The cars arrive at Emmerdale and the family silently make their way to the church service. Tom and Janie are back in Beckindale for the funeral. The service takes place with family and friends gathered. Tom can't bring himself to enter the church and watches from afar. He visits Pat's grave when everyone has left. The villagers gather for Pat's wake in The Woolpack. Jackie notices Tom is in the village and tries to persuade him to come to the wake but he leaves when he finds out Sandie is at the farm. Family and friends gather at Emmerdale for the buffet. Sandie is pleased to see Tom and Annie makes him welcome. Tom reminisces on the good times he had with Pat to Sandie and Janie. Jack arrives and exchanges a glance with Tom before walking out.


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  • This was Michael Russell's first episode as producer.
  • First appearance of Tom Merrick since 2nd May 1985.
  • In an unusual move for the programme, the opening credits fade to black and the first scene of the episode fades in from black.
  • A piano version of the Emmerdale theme plays over video footage of Pat Sugden's grave for the closing credits.
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