Annie's concerned as Jack barely speaks to anyone and immerses himself in work. Tom sits alone in a pub outside the village. Alan makes plans for the Beckindale cricket team. Tom runs into Seth on a country road and invites him for a pint. Seth turns it down saying he has too much work. Jackie shows Kathy how to use the hay baler. Tom snipes at Jackie over working on the farm, but he tells him he hasn't seen him for ages and doesn't want to row with him. Annie tries to talk to Jack after receiving a call from Jessie but he walks out. Janie mentions sorting out Pat's things to him. He begins tossing her stuff into bags, saving one item of clothing which still strongly contains her scent. Amos calls to offer his help at the farmhouse. He's upset when Sam mentions that Auntie Pat has "gone away". Tom and Sandie go out for a meal. Sandie tells him she's considering applying for Karen's job now she's gone. He gives her a wristwatch as a gift. Jack sets fire to Pat's clothes and watches them burn.


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