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Episode 1083 (11th September 1986)

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|producer = [[Michael Russell]]
|producer = [[Michael Russell]]
|previous = [[Episode 1082 (9th September 1986)|9th September 1986]]
|previous = [[Episode 1082 (9th September 1986)|9th September 1986]]
|next = [[Episode 1084 (16th September 1986)|16th September 1986]]}}
|next = [[Episode 1084 (16th September 1986)|16th September 1986]]|image = [[Image:Emmie ep 1083.png|250px]]}}
[[Jack Sugden|Jack]]'s disappearance from the [[Emmerdale Farm|farm]] is still unexplained and [[Annie Sugden|Annie]] has become increasingly anxious about him.
[[Jack Sugden|Jack]] is still having flashbacks of [[Pat Sugden|Pat]]'s car crash and the paramedics pulling her out of the car, and the wrecked car afterwards. After breaking down at [[Emmerdale Farm]] later on, he realises he has to come to terms with Pat's death and put his baby son [[Robert Sugden|Robert]] first now.
*This episode features an appearance of [[Pat Sugden]] in a flashback that shows extra footage of the car crash. Nevertheless, the episode broadcast on [[Episode 1078 (26th August 1986)|26th August 1986]] is Pat's official last appearance.
===Regular cast===
*[[Annie Sugden|Annie]] - [[Sheila Mercier]]
*[[Matt Skilbeck|Matt]] - [[Frederick Pyne]]
*[[Amos Brearly|Amos]] - [[Ronald Magill]]
*[[Henry Wilks|Mr. Wilks]] - [[Arthur Pentelow]]
*[[Jack Sugden|Jack]] - [[Clive Hornby]]
*[[Joe Sugden|Joe]] - [[Frazer Hines]]
*[[Dolly Skilbeck|Dolly]] - [[Jean Rogers]]
*[[Samuel Skilbeck|Sam]] - [[Benjamin Whitehead]]
*[[Jackie Merrick|Jackie]] - [[Ian Sharrock]]
*[[Sandie Merrick|Sandie]] - [[Jane Hutcheson]]
*[[Donald Hinton|Revd. Donald Hinton]] - [[Hugh Manning]]
*[[Seth Armstrong|Seth]] - [[Stan Richards]]
*[[Alan Turner]] - [[Richard Thorp]]
*[[Caroline Bates|Mrs. Bates]] - [[Diana Davies]]
*[[Kathy Bates]] - [[Malandra Burrows]]
*[[Phil Pearce]] - [[Peter Alexander]]
*[[Jock MacDonald]] - [[Drew Dawson]]
*[[Bill Middleton]] - [[Johnny Caesar]]
===Guest cast===
{{September 1986}}
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[[Category:1986 episodes]]
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[[Category:Emmerdale Farm episodes]]
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