Beattie guilt trips Sam into allowing her to keep seeing the twins. Annie has a fall and injures her wrist.


Sam's annoyed when Ben and Beattie arrive at the farm again. Beattie explains to Annie that Matt and Samuel and Sally are the only family she has other than Ben. Sam's insulted when Ben calls his potatoes small. Henry complains to Amos about the mattress in his room and asks him if he minds replacing it if he pays for it. Alison gives Beattie's gloves to Henry to give back to her. Janie calls at the farm for some eggs. She's concerned when Sam warns her about going into business with Dan Middleton. Annie gets Beattie to look after the twins while she does the apple picking. Matt calls into the shop and Alison asks him if he can help her with some boxes of powdered liquorice. She asks after the twins and he tells her he'll come back when he has more time to help her with more of the boxes. Janie wants Frank to think about closing the Forge once a week so they can spend some time together. He agrees to think about it once he's finished his work for Dan Middleton. Sam worries about how possessive Beattie is over the twins. Annie falls on her wrist in the farmhouse.


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