As Annie is unable to use her wrist, Beattie is forced to do the housework. Henry offers to buy a share of The Woolpack.


Annie has suffered a hairline fracture and her arm is now in a sling. Beattie is helping around the farmhouse. Amos and Henry have breakfast together at The Woolpack. Dan Middleton arrives at Smithy Cottage to see Frank. Janie looks after him until Frank returns from the village. Annie worries about keeping the farmhouse in order with her arm. Dan invites Frank and Janie to dinner at The Feathers on Friday. Janie's delighted, having never been there. Henry's bed arrives at the village store. Matt worries about Annie getting a decent night sleep and wonders whether Beattie should have the twins for a while. Amos confides in Henry that his brother left him some money and asks his advice on what to do with it. Noting Amos's recent concerns over The Woolpack being taken over by new owners, Henry suggests he buy the pub. Annie reluctantly agrees to letting the twins stay with Beattie.


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