Marian is relieved to discover Joe has awoken from his coma, while Jack and Ruth meet again after eight years.


The Sugdens worry that Joe may have been drinking prior to driving up to Inglebrook House. Jack makes Marian a meal at Inglebrook. They talk and she picks up on the fact that he's literary. He asks to stay the night. Marian refuses. Tom tells Ruth to come up with a box of sandwiches as an excuse to see Jack tomorrow. He remarks what a coincidence it is that his eldest son has the same name as Jack considering he was her former love. Matt gets ready for the interview in Bradford. Marian tells Jack that she has had a phone call from the hospital, Joe has regained consciousness. Ruth and Jack meet for the first time in eight years and catch up. Jack finds out Ruth's married to Tom. She asks him if he left to be rid of her, he tells her no. Annie and Peggy visit Joe. Matt goes for his interview in Bradford and is not impressed with factory work. Marian visits Joe in hospital, she wishes him well and kisses him on the cheek. Sam tells the family that Ruth visited Jack. Ruth tells Tom that her conversation with Jack was awkward, they were like two strangers. Jack joins Marian for a drink at Inglebrook, she asks if he wants to stay the night in separate rooms.


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Henry Wilks: (referring to the flowers around his bedside) "Before you go, do something about these. Makes the place look like a... bad woman's boudoir, especially that lot from Pargeeter. Makes me feel immoral to look at 'em."
Marian Wilks: "Well what shall I do with them?"
Henry Wilks: "Just take 'em away. Ooh, give them to young Sugden. 'Appen they'll cheer him up."

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