Sandie and Phil are forced to invite Archie to stay for a meal when he arrives for his money and they are unable to pay him. Henry is suspicious when he tries to hoover Amos's bedroom and finds the door wedged. When he quizzes Amos, he remains secretive. Joe isn't pleased when Alan as good as tells Seth that he won't fit in with the Home Farm Christmas party guests. He reminds him that the Christmas party is for the employees and wants him to make sure Seth is there. A youth who has been hanging around The Woolpack notices Dolly and stares at her. He notices Dolly enter the pub and almost follows her inside. Sandie finds Christmas cards addressed to Phil and Lesley that he's collected from the house. He tells her he's been meaning to throw them away and throws them in the fire. Jack is on the warpath regarding Joe's plans for Filleigh Wood and the brothers exchange opinions. Later, Matt and Jack go to meet Joe in The Woolpack for a pint. As Dolly puts Sam to bed, the youth who encountered her in the street earlier lurks outside her house and peers in at her.


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