Janie and Frank hit a rough spot in their relationship, whilst Henry and Amos agree to go into partnership of The Woolpack.


Matt helps Alison clear the boxes out of the village store. Amos is ecstatic to receive a reply from the brewery stating they'd be interested in selling. Ben and Beattie bring the twins for a visit at the farm. Matt and Henry win first prize at the shearling show. Frank and Janie get ready for their dinner at The Feathers. A driver arrives to escort them to the restaurant in a Rover P6. The Sugdens decide to make a night of celebrations at the farm. Frank and Dan disagree over implementing a production line at the Forge over dinner. Annie suggests that everybody discuss the plans for the farm over the dinner celebrations. Matt is welcomed to the board. Joe presents his ideas for the farm and Henry agrees to provide the money. He agrees to let Joe take over responsibility for the farm. Janie is unimpressed with Frank's attitude at the dinner and is upset that he keeps turning down ways to better himself. He tells her that he likes his life the way it is. Janie tells him that if he can have life his own way, she can too and leaves to find out if Amos is still interested in employing her as a barmaid. Henry advises Amos to get a valuer in to survey the pub's worth. He also suggests that Amos finds himself a partner to help him buy the pub and offers himself. Amos agrees and the two shake hands.


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