Preparations get underway for Alan's N.Y. Estates gathering. Seth expects the party to be boring and secretly plans to spice it up. Annie leaves a goose for Sandie with Phil. He thanks her for inviting them both to the farm for Christmas. She reminds him that it's Sandie's home and she'll always be welcome. Annie looks at the bed Sandie is sharing with Phil with disapproval and sadness. She quickly makes her departure without Phil realising the extent of her discomfort. Jock and Bill chuckle as Seth makes a phone call in The Woolpack. Dolly takes Samuel for a walk through the woods as the youth continues to watch her. She's unnerved as she hears footsteps and runs away with Samuel down a country lane. The youth then watches her from behind the wall. Preparations for the nativity play get underway at the church and Jack helps out. Jack comments to Donald that it's the first time he's been in the church since Pat's funeral. Jack says this is also his first Christmas without Pat. Annie watches sadly as Jack leaves presents under the tree at the farm. The N.Y. Estates gathering gets underway at Home Farm and Alan is pleased as everyone appears to be enjoying themselves. He's embarrassed, however, when a stripper dressed up as Santa arrives and kisses him. Annie, Henry, Amos and Donald look on mortified as Seth, Jock and Bill chortle in the background.


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