Henry is worried about Amos's thoughts on his partnership with him, and the other with Alison. A woman from the Milk Marketing Board visits the Sugdens.


Matt and Joe are forced to use Annie's best teapot when they can't find the everyday one. Matt accidentally breaks it. Joe hides it so Annie doesn't find out. Later, Sam tells Annie that he can't find the teapot and she reminds him that she said she'd cleaned it. He complains about the taste. Annie buys a new teapot from the village store. Henry wants Alison to charge Annie double the price that Amy marked it up as due to inflation. Amos hints to Henry that he knows he's in business with Alison. Henry warns Alison from telling Amos anything about their arrangement but she insists she has no intention to. Sam finds out about Matt breaking the teapot. A woman from the Milk Marketing Board, Christine Sharp, arrives at Emmerdale Farm. Annie hints to Joe that she knows the best teapot has been broken when they offer Christine tea.


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