Henry walks from the shop down the side of The Woolpack and sees a huge "No Nukes Here" sign sprayed onto the wall. Amos goes to clear it up. Kathy and Nick wonder what happened between their parents on their night out, but Caroline doesn't want to talk about it. Caroline finds Eric asleep at Home Farm, surrounded by empty bottles. She talks to Alan about it and they both wonder what's happened. Joe tells them that he has sacked Eric from his job as auctioneer at Hotten Market. Everybody is debating over the proposed nuclear landfill site on Pencross Fell, and Dolly walks around with a petition. Eric arrives at work and lashes out at Sandie, blaming her for his situation. Jack doesn't believe holding meetings and signing petitions will work, but Jackie insists that he comes to the meeting anyway. Joe promotes Sandie and later he confronts a drunk Eric in a bar in Hotten saying he could go to the police about his dodgy dealings. Caroline tells Kathy and Nick that she and Malcolm will be getting a divorce as soon as possible since he's going to have a baby with his girlfriend Sonia. A meeting about the nuclear dump is held in The Woolpack. Joe says his family have farmed on this land for 1000 years and hopes his family will farm the land for another 1000, but with a nuclear dump, that will not be possible. Henry suggests they form a committee to speak for them. Jack wants a more direct approach, but Joe argues against him.


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