A councillor, Mr. Bailey, who is behind the nuclear waste disposal site in Beckindale visits the Village Hall and discusses the scheme with the reluctant residents including Dolly and Jack who speak up against it. Bailey says the village will not feel the effects of the radioactive waste. The villagers disagree. A coffin is bought in, with someone alive in it. Smoke comes out of a hole in the coffin. It is Archie, who is wearing a skeleton costume. As Bailey goes back to his car, people have pinned "No Nukes Here" signs all over his car. Bailey quickly drives off with the villagers shouting after him, saying "No Nukes Here" as well. Robert is still poorly and the doctor is called out to Emmerdale Farm. Phil and Sandie are having a quiet night in but a vengeful Eric starts his hate campaign against Sandie and Phil by slashing the tyres of Phil's car.


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