Archie has been forced to leave home. After a night of chaos in The Woolpack, Amos is beginning to understand why! The war against the nuclear dump developers reaches breaking point. It is Sunday and the villagers all attend church. However Seth notices a convoy of lorries arriving on Pencross Fell. Seth rides past Archie on his bike and alerts him. Archie rushes into the church and rings the bell for attention to say the lorries are here. The bells are rung out constantly. People leave their houses, and are told lorries are at Pencross Fell. The protest has police presence at Pencross Fell, including Sgt. Ian MacArthur. Jackie even accuses MacArthur of assault when he touches his arm while telling him to keep away. Workers arrive on the site. Things get heated. A Construction Worker tries to move Jackie away but Jackie hits him.


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  • This episode contains coarse language.
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