Jackie has spent the night in the police cells but has been released on bail. He is facing an assault charge. Matt sympathises, as it reminds him of his arrest and short time in jail a year earlier. Kathy Bates also faces a charge. Caroline reminds her she has a job to hang on to. Jock jokes to Jackie about pleading insanity to his charge. A convoy of workmen is making its way up to Pencross Fell, unaware of what the villagers have in store. Jackie stands near a bridge watching the protest. Jock drops some hay on the road to block the builders. They win this protest and go to The Woolpack for a celebratory drink.


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Memorable dialogue

Caroline Bates: "Don't forget you've got a job to hang onto."
Kathy Bates: "Yeah, perhaps prison wouldn't be so bad after all..."

Jack Sugden: "Have you thought about how you're gonna plead?"
Kathy Glover: "Oh don't start us off, will ya?"
'Jackie Merrick: "We just had a row about that."
Jock MacDonald: "So what's it gonna be, insanity?"

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