There's a long-awaited reunion as Henry welcomes his daughter Marian to Beckindale, along with her husband Paolo, son Nicolo and step daughter Francesca. Paolo jokes that English rural folk are called "yokels". Stirred by memories of the past, Jack is more than curious to see what has become of Marian.


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EDF break bumper (2.07.87)

The new break bumper, which made its debut in this episode.

  • First appearance of Marian Rosetti since 16th November 1978 and first appearance of Debbi Blythe in the role.
  • From this episode, the theme tune is a rendition of the previous theme song, played on the piano. The break bumpers have also been changed to the new theme tune playing over, with the words "Emmerdale Farm" appearing at the bottom of the final scene.
  • The child actor playing Nicolo Rosetti is uncredited.
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