Francesca sits eavesdropping on the stairs as Jack and Marian have dinner together. Caroline dolls herself up and waits excited and impatient for Jack to arrive. Jack and Marian reminisce over old times. When questioned over her marriage to Paolo, Marian finds herself unable to say she is happy. She and Jack share a kiss before Marian invites him to stay the night in separate rooms. The next morning, Annie isn't pleased to see Jack arrive back at Emmerdale Farm in the clothes he went to see Marian in last night. She warns Jack that he's playing a dangerous game and reminds him that Caroline is due an apology, seeing as he stood her up. Francesca confronts Marian over Jack staying the night and threatens to tell Paolo. Marian informs her that it isn't a secret. Jack phones Caroline to apologise. She's curt with him and hangs up. Eric goes to see Paolo, who has returned from Manchester, with some books he's obtained for him. Paolo is uninterested, saying that he does not like his time wasted, and that the books Eric has are worthless. Paolo then tells him to leave. Eric seethes and pockets a key to the house on his way out. Once he leaves, Paolo confronts Marian over Jack staying the night while he was away. She denies that anything happened between them but is unable to say they didn't reminisce. Jack tries to make amends with Caroline and goes to see her. He offers to take her out for a drink but she politely suggests they forget their plans.


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