Paolo continues to give Marian a hard time over Jack. Marian becomes annoyed by Francesca teasing Nicolo and warns Paolo to do something about it. Alan, Amos and Henry try to conceive a new plan in opposing the nuclear dump. Marian surprises Henry by arriving at the The Woolpack with Nicolo. Eric drowns his anger in the pub but can't resist making a remark about Marian and Paolo, leaving Alan puzzled. Henry softly quizzes Marian on what's wrong. She confides in Henry that she's no longer happy with Paolo but she will make it work for Nicolo's sake. She asks Henry if she and Nicolo can stay at The Woolpack for the night. Eric lurks outside the Rosettis' as Paolo goes to bed. When the light goes out, Eric lets himself into the house and grabs a pile of Paolo's expensive books. He accidentally drops one on the piano, waking Paolo and quickly exits leaving the books behind. Paolo investigates downstairs and discovers there has been an intruder. He quickly loads a gun and darts outside chasing after Eric. A gunshot rings out. The next morning, Francesca wakes to find her father missing and goes searching for him. A short distance from the house, she finds a gun on the floor before noticing her father lying motionless beside it. She runs off crying, finding Seth and Archie. Seth calls Henry and breaks the news to him who in turn breaks the news to Marian. They arrive in time to see Paolo being taken away in an ambulance. Henry stays with Francesca as Marian accompanies Paolo to the hospital. Annie breaks the news to Jack about Paolo. Eric calls Alan and apologises for his behaviour last night, insisting that he had a few drinks too many and barely remembers getting home. He hides his panic when Alan mentions Paolo's shooting. Marian arrives home and she and Francesca hug.


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