George is shocked when Laura turns up, and the Sugdens are angry when Henry prioritises The Woolpack over the farm.


The Memorial Board falls off the porch of the church. Joe considers getting rid of Sparrow Wood to make use of it for grazing land. Henry discovers that The Woolpack has solid stone walls. He considers ripping up the carpet and stripping away the wallpaper. Matt tries to explain to Annie that Beattie talked him round to letting the twins stay with her permanently by saying he was being selfish. Annie states it's rubbish but tells him it's his decision alone to make. He tells her he already has. Joe visits George and slightly nervously voices his plans for Sparrow Wood and moving George's pheasant boxes to a nearby wood. He's amazed when George agrees and tells him it's a good idea. George gets a shock when Laura turns up after Joe leaves. Fred Anstey tells Reverend Ruskin he wants to pay for the cost of a new memorial on the condition it's kept confidential. Henry is forced to push back a meeting with Joe about his plans for the farm when Amos decides to visit some friends and leaves Henry in charge of the pub. Joe's mad and tells Annie and Matt that it's time Henry decided whether he was interested in the farm or not.


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