Alan has made careful plans for Christopher Meadows visit, but the NY workforce decide it's time to show him how they really feel. And there are a few mishaps during Meadows visit. A herd of cattle roam free around the lake, and Meadows cannot catch a trout despite being told the lake is full of them. Also, Jock and Bill are missing, as are the rest of the workforce. Alan hunts all over for Jock and Bill, even going to Ridge Farm. The workforce have all gone on strike and are drinking down The Woolpack. Meadows says there may be redundancies. Joe persuades Meadows to keep at least 2 workers on - Jock and Bill. Joe wonders if Meadows thinks that Home Farm is just a small irrelevant part of the NY Estates empire. Joe wants to prove Meadows wrong, and says it is viable.


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Bill Middleton: "It's nice to see two heads of hair behind the bar."

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