The Sugdens are looking forward to Annie's return. Jack worries about telling her about his prison sentence. Amos is pleased that the campaign is finally over and they can finally get some peace and quiet, just as Archie roars past on his scooter. Kathy and Nick don't want to attend Malcolm and Sonia's wedding. They worry about who will tell Caroline. Matt and Dolly tease Jackie about his and Kathy's arrest, pretending to act like they're telling Annie. The Sugdens are thrilled when Annie returns. Ruth finds a derelict farm and is concerned about the state of the place. Jackie inadvertently tells Annie about Jack's imprisonment, unaware Jack hasn't said anything yet. Annie is shocked. Ruth comes across dead animals in swampy fields on Crossgill Farm, and a man spots her leaving. Ruth asks Alan about the farm, Alan tells her that a man named "Metcalfe" lives there. Archie tries to comfort Nick and Kathy. He points out that if they don't turn up to the wedding, Malcolm and Sonia can't marry as they are the witnesses.


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