Ruth goes to Crossgill Farm, barging into the house and finding the place in a mess. Mr Metcalfe is horrified to find Ruth in his house and throws her out. Phil thinks the second unit at Mill Cottage is being priced too high by Joe. Ruth asks Matt about Mr Metcalfe and asks her to try get him help, Matt agrees. Kathy tells Annie about Malcolm and Sonia's impending marriage. Jackie is rude to her and she storms out. Mr Metcalfe spots Matt climbing a wall and coming onto his property. Matt offers stone to Mr Metcalfe to fix his walls so Mr Metcalfe shows him a perfect wall built before Matt was born. He tells Matt to clear off. Matt tells Dolly that they should have helped Mr Metcalfe and kept an eye on things, Dolly says that he didn't want help. Kathy breaks the news to Caroline about Malcolm and Sonia's wedding next week. Caroline convinces her to go. Alan complains about the NY Estates trainees, and Seth and Joe tease him. Jackie refuses to go to Malcolm's wedding and Kathy gets upset and storms off.


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