Mr Metcalfe is surprised by Matt's kindness. Jackie still refuses to go to Malcolm's wedding. Caroline is feeling down on the day of Malcolm's wedding but puts on an act around Kathy and Nick. Jackie tricks Archie into thinking he's a policeman. Archie tells Jackie they should go on a road trip. Alan is pleased to learn that he won't be receiving a trainee. He comforts Caroline when he learns of Malcolm's wedding. The teacher tells the schoolchildren that their assignment is about nature. Robert knocks over a jar of gobstoppers in the shop, so Henry offers to look after him. Jackie and Archie argue as the van has broken down again. Matt repairs a gate for Mr Metcalfe. Matt is horrified to come across piles of dead animals. Mr Metcalfe refuses to take Matt's advice of getting the sheep looked at and tells him to leave. Jackie fixes the van but can't find Archie, who is trying to flag down a car. Sam catches a frog for his school project and puts it in a box. Jackie puts his foot in it with Kathy. Matt tells Ruth her attempts to help Mr Metcalfe won't help him. Jackie has left Archie's caravan in The Woolpack carpark and he mistakenly thinks Amos and Henry are fine with it.


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  • A woman talking to Henry Wilks is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.

Memorable dialogue

Annie Sugden: (to Robert Sugden) "You're a Sugden all right, you've found the beer."

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