Sam isn't feeling well so Dolly calls the school. Henry and Amos ask Archie when he will be leaving, but Archie is offended. Matt plans to talk to Mr Metcalfe about getting his animals seen to, but Ruth wants to see him right away. Alan is horrified when Tony reveals himself to be working at the Hotten Cattle Market, instead of being the trainee at Home Farm. Alan is annoyed when Joe says that Christopher informed him that Tony was the trainee. Ruth and Matt go visit Mr Metcalfe. He fails to answer the door so Ruth decides to tend to the animals anyway. Inside, Mr Metcalfe gets one of his late wife's dresses out from the wardrobe. Joe goes out riding on the horse. Mr Metcalfe continues to look at his late wife's possessions and bursts into tears. He spots Ruth and Matt from out the window and orders them to leave or else he will shoot them. Joe's horse trips and he falls off. The horse is seriously injured and cannot get up. Sam returns home, having found a frog. Sandie gets annoyed by Tony. Amos begins annoying Henry by with what Archie is doing. Joe catches a lift to a phone box to call for help. Dolly tells Matt that she couldn't tell Sam off so she just took him to school. Sandie shows Phil the damaged roof and he agrees to get it fixed. Matt tells Jackie off for gossiping about Mr Metcalfe. Ruth checks over Joe's horse but tells him that nothing can be done and has to shoot it.


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