A man, Sykes, goes to collect Joe's dead horse and asks Seth for directions. Joe is feeling annoyed and sad and is cool with Sykes. Alan is annoyed when Tony waits until he has made dinner to reveal that he's going to Sandie's. Joe blames himself for his horse's death. He is surprised to learn that Ruth has never had to euthanise an animal before. Ruth checks Joe's shoulder and finds that it's just badly bruised. They start kissing. Jackie arrives to see Kathy but sees Tony there and thinks she is playing games. Mr Metcalfe tires himself digging holes for the dead sheep. Phil is pleased to get the contract for the Hotten Cattle Market roof. Alan checks up on Joe following the accident. Matt wants to go apologise to Mr Metcalfe. Ruth struggles to cheer up Joe. Henry is irritated by loud music coming from Archie's caravan. Jackie apologises to Kathy but they have a row. They agree to have a proper discussion that night. Matt goes to apologise to Mr Metcalfe, who is awoken by the knocking at the door. Matt apologises to Mr Metcalfe. He takes Matt to show him something. He tells Matt about his late wife, Mary, thinking he will understand. He says "it was an accident" and Matt races out of the house feeling almost sick.


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