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|image = [[File:Episode 1192 (13th October 1987).png|thumb|220x220px]]
|image = [[File:Episode 1192 (13th October 1987).png|250px]]
|number = 1192
|number = 1192
|date = [[13th October]] [[1987]]<br>(Tuesday)
|date = [[13th October]] [[1987]]<br>(Tuesday)

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Sandie worries the roof isn't safe to stand on, but Phil tells her to go back inside. He teases Archie when he arrives later than Phil. Kathy waits for Jackie to ring but Tony calls her instead. Jackie tells Jack that he and Kathy have split up. Jack advises him to call Kathy and sort it out. Dolly wants her and Sam to meet Mr Metcalfe, but Matt isn't too sure about it. Archie feels unsafe on the roof and Phil teases him. He says that he's stuck and Phil has to get him down. Ruth has written a statement regarding Mr Bracknell mistreating his animals, hoping that he will get prosecuted. Sandie is annoyed to learn that more of the roof slates need replacing. Sandie tells Tony off for eavesdropping in on Joe's conversation. As she leaves for her break, she is not pleased to bump into Eric, and refuses to talk to her. Alan offers to lend a combine harvester to Matt at a decreased price. Jack is not pleased. Mr Metcalfe refuses to talk to Dolly, until she reveals she is Matt's wife. He reluctantly lets them in. Mr Metcalfe shows Sam some soldier figurines, which Sam takes an interest in. Tony visits Kathy and invites her out, and is thrilled when she accepts. Kathy tells Caroline that she and Jackie have split up. Dolly tells Matt about the visit to Mr Metcalfe and how Mr Metcalfe ended up warming to them. Matt worries that Mr Metcalfe will reveal something as bad as murdering his own wife. Dolly refuses to think anything bad about him. Sandie doesn't walk to talk to Eric, but he reveals that he has opened an antiques business on Skipdale Road.


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