Henry is sour towards Eric. Henry finds funny that Amos counts the glasses that go outside, and that he's realised that Eric must have taken a glass. Eric arrives at Crossgill Farm but Mr Metcalfe slams the door in his face. Eric continues to annoy Mr Metcalfe, but is slightly interested when Eric wants to see if there is anything of interest that Mr Metcalfe doesn't like. Kathy is annoyed by Henry and Amos's talk of Jacob, Jack and Jackie. Amos thinks there might be a problem with them. Kathy goes to the cellar and gets upset. Matt arrives to pay for the combine harvester. Eric tells Mr Metcalfe that the toy soldiers contain lead and are poisonous, and offers to replace them and pay £10. Mr Metcalfe tells him it's £40 and Eric reluctantly agrees. Archie begins to get over his fear of heights. Eric tells Alan that the toy soldiers are worth a small fortune. Alan tells Eric that Matt was charged for the murder of Harry Mowlam in 1986, and tells him that it's dangerous being a neighbour of Emmerdale Farm. Jackie and Kathy have an awkward conversation which is interrupted by Amos. Kathy rushes off in tears and Jackie snaps at the customers when they stare at him. Ruth tells Joe that her parents are looking forward to meeting him. Sandie is unimpressed by Tony looking through her desk. Sandie tells him that he loves making enemies. Tony gets offended when Sandie brings Kathy into their conversation. Ruth gets annoyed about Annie wanting them to marry and brings up her fiancé before leaving abruptly.


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