Mr Metcalfe is laid to rest. Matt and Dolly attend his funeral. The cake is baked, the guests invited, and all is set for celebration at The Woolpack - but Seth is not the only one in for a surprise. Jackie is lusting after Kathy. Alan berates Seth for calling a potential Home Farm client a gormless tub of lard. He asks Seth to apologise in person. When Seth leaves, Alan and Caroline start laughing. Seth goes to the Woolpack for his birthday party. Alan asks Seth how old he is but Seth is unsure. He says he has an idea that his birth was never registered but that he was born inbetween the end of the First World War and start of the Second World War. Jackie gets frustrated when repairing his van, and lusting over Kathy. He smashes up his van in temper then says to Kathy that he loves her.


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