The stray horse is still running loose around BeckindaleAnnie is cooking a pork dinner for guests at Emmerdale Farm, but is told that Hinton's friend Lionel is a rabbi. Annie asks Dolly if she can eat the pork now, so she can cook something else for dinner tonight. A case of mistaken identity gives Sandie a horrible shock. Eric is laying asleep on the sofa at the mill. Sandie mistakes him for Phil but it is Eric. She is frightened. Eric leaves. Phil asks why she hates Eric so much. Sandie then tells Phil that several months ago, when she got Eric sacked from his job, he was the one stalking her and he threatened her with a poker. Phil vows to sort Eric out. The dinner has been held at Emmerdale. Phil confronts Eric in The Woolpack, grabbing him by the chest, saying never to come to the mill again.


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  • A piano version of the theme tune is played instead of the usual version.
  • Footage from Episode 1145 (30th April 1987) is shown when Sandie recounts Eric menacing her with the poker to Phil.
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