Phil gets divorce papers in the mail together with a Christmas card from his daughter. Kathy and Caroline discuss wedding dates. Caroline suggests summer, but Kathy thinks it's too far and is more into Easter. Later she talks to Jackie about how everyone seems to have an opinion about their wedding. Joe and Alan discuss the runaway horse Joe has seen. Alan thinks it's more important to focus on the estate, especially now that Hotten Market is closing. Joe feels that Alan is gloating a bit since the market was Joe's responsibility, and is annoyed. Annie and Dolly talk about Crossgill Farm. Annie senses that Dolly is reluctant to discuss it and wonders why. Rabbi Weiss comes across Jack when he's out walking and they talk about the fact that they've both lost their wives; Jack's bluntness about how to grieve makes Weiss question how he's handling his wife's death. Joe visits Hotten Market and finds Jock there with Sandie. Jock is worried about the future for the Home Farm estate. He thinks Hotten Market closing is just the first sign. Donald starts rehearsals for the Christmas pantomime. Jackie makes a joke about Malcolm's attitude towards his and Kathy's wedding, which annoys Kathy. Eric visits Sandie to bury the hatchet and talk about Phil. Ruth and Joe pass each other on the road and Ruth tells Joe the horse is still missing, which is dangerous with bad weather. The horse is then seen alone in the rain.


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  • A piano version of the theme tune is played instead of the usual version.
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