Kathy is in a bad mood after her argument with Jackie the night before. Donald sees the runaway horse in the graveyard and calls Joe, but before he gets there Kathy, who is out walking, befriends the animal. They bring the horse to Home Farm and call Ruth. She can't find anything seriously wrong with it. Kathy decides to name it Saint based on where they found it. Kathy goes up to Emmerdale and make up with Jackie. She's worried that he's taking their argument so lightly and tells him about her parents' miserable marriage and how she doesn't want that to happen to them. Jackie promises her it won't and they decide to get married right after Christmas. After he's spoken to Caroline Jackie talks to Jack about their decision. Jack admits that he's finding it a bit hard to talk to Jackie as a father, but tries to imagine what Pat would have said and use that as a guide. Donald and Rabbi Weiss spend the evening talking about their wives and their beliefs. Joe and Ruth go out for a meal but end the evening arguing when Joe wants to get some answers from Ruth about where their relationship is going.


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  • A piano version of the theme tune is played instead of the usual version
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