Christmas is coming and preparations are under way at Emmerdale Farm. At Home Farm Alan is rehearsing for the pantomime to Caroline's amusement. Henry is worried what the health inspector will say if he finds out that Amos has two live turkeys in the cellar at the Woolpack. He wants Amos to take them to the butcher before the Christmas raffle, but Amos can't make himself do it. Seth, Jock and Bill are doing Christmas decorations when they're supposed to be working. Alan is not pleased when he finds out, but softens when they explain that they just want to make some extra money for the holidays. Joe tries to take Saint out for a ride, but the horse is uneasy and Joe falls off. Henry takes the turkeys to the butcher himself, but Amos is relieved when he brings them back alive, having bought other turkeys for the raffle instead. Joe and Ruth discuss Christmas and the upcoming pantomime. She's having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit and is not looking forward to performing. Joe's second attempt to ride Saint is more successful. The raffle is under way at the Woolpack. To Kathy's delight her father shows up and has seemingly accepted her upcoming marriage. After talking to him Jack is less sure. Alan and Archie take home the big prizes of the evening, the turkeys. Donald is invited to visit a synagogue by rabbi Weiss.


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  • A piano version of the theme tune is played instead of the usual version.
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