At Emmerdale Farm they're loading poultry into the van for the Christmas sale at Hotten Market. Alan gets a card from Terence, saying that he won't be coming for Christmas. He's going to Tenerife with some friends. Alan offers Caroline the turkey he won, but she's already bought one herself. He's also worried about the morale among the workforce after a difficult year. Kathy and Jackie make plans to view a cottage in Connelton. They're worried about the cost and Jackie thinks that all the money they're spending on the wedding could be used better. Sandie is getting ready to hold the last Christmas poultry sale at Hotten Market. She's found out that there's been a poultry market every year since 1844 and is sad to see the tradition end. Joe hasn't completely given up hope that Hotten Market can be saved though. Amos brings his turkeys to live at Emmerdale Farm since he can't have them at the Woolpack any longer. Joe asks Ruth out for a meal, but she's too busy. She's not really looking forward to Christmas. The poultry sale gets under way and Archie brings the turkey he won at the raffle. It's too big for him, so he hopes to get some money for it instead. Alan gathers the workforce for a little Christmas celebration to boost morale. He also offers his turkey to Jock and his family. Jackie and Kathy makes an offer on the cottage they went to see, but their offer is much too low. They both start to feel a little hopeless about finding a place of their own. The sale is over and Sandie feels a bit low. Phil comes to pick her up and together they walk out of the empty market and turn out the lights....


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