It is the big day for Jackie and Kathy, but not before Kathy's dress is ruined in a flood at the Bates home while she is having her hen do at The Woolpack. Annie comes to the rescue and lends Kathy her old wedding dress which she had used to marry Jacob decades earlier. Alan calls out a plumber to repair the flood at the Bates home. The plumber is more interested in chatting with Seth. Alan tells the plumber to get on with the job he has been called out to do. Due to the flood at the Bates' house, Kathy turns up at Emmerdale Farm. Archie and Jackie are getting Archie's car ready when Archie sees Kathy alight from the car, so Archie tells Jackie not to turn around and look at Kathy, as it brings bad luck to see the bride on the night before the wedding. At the Bates home, the plumber works through the night. He has had to do some electrics as well. Alan worries that he is not a qualified electrician, as he is a plumber. The following day, Jackie and Kathy marry in style. Seth arrives at the church on his bike. After the wedding, they head back towards Emmerdale for the reception.


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