It's the big day in Beckindale, the sale of Home Farm and the rest of NY Estates' holdings in the area. Jack is in a very good mood, which doesn't go unnoticed. Alan is tense before the auction and his mood isn't helped when Seth, Jock and Bill turn up at Home Farm. The sale will take place at the Woolpack, so Amos and Henry are busy preparing. Amos suggests getting Caroline to help them behind the bar. Jack is clearing out his things from the attic room for Jackie's and Kathy's return. He finds some pieces of jewellery that used to belong to Pat. Annie advises him to keep the things that means something to him and give away the rest. While the sale begins at the Woolpack Jack is meeting Barbara for a drink elsewhere. Joe tells Sandie that NY Estates has offered her a new job, as assistant to the regional manager in Norfolk. She's not thrilled with the idea of taking a step backwards in her career. The sale gets under way. At the same time Jock has gone to Home Farm. He strolls around and suddenly grabs a stone and throws it through a window. After some tense bidding Joe and Alan manages to get Home Farm, the surrounding land, and the fish farm.


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  • A bidder is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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