Alan Turner and Joe Sugden are delighted to be the new owners of Home Farm. But there is tension between the workforce. Barry and Jock argue and Seth has to stop them from almost fighting. Sandie comes home to Mill Cottage to find the house a mess, and loud music is being played. Her and Phil argue. He says he has no time for rows as he is busy, and leaves. Jack Sugden's relationship with Barbara steps up a gear. He takes her for a walk near the Wharfedale. Jack says that during their walk they would have passed a boundary of Emmerdale Farm on the Connelton Lane, and the boundary is between Stony Lane and Verney's Oak. Jack says that Verney's Oak came down in a storm 20 years ago. Jack and Barbara then embrace and kiss. Sandie walks nearby and sees them kissing on the bridge. It reminds her of her late mother Pat, who was Jacks wife. Nick Bates is playing truant from school and listening to dance music. Alan asks Seth to help clean up the fish farm and he also says that there will be big changes at Home Farm from now on, and that him and Joe will be helping, as they are all in this together now. Sandie has been offered a job in Norfolk. Phil says they can move there if they want to.


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