Everyone is talking about Jack's romance with Barbara - but Annie is furious when he puts it before Jackie and Kathy's return from their honeymoon. Jackie and Kathy are still in Tunisia, and are awaiting their flight back to England this afternoon. She says she will miss the place. Nick is caught playing truant from school by his mother Caroline. Barry and Bill discuss their uncertain future at Home Farm. Seth and Alan get the fish farm ready at Home Farm. Seth says that Jock ran the fish farm one time when Richard Anstey was estate manager. Seth worries that Alan will overwork him now he owns Home Farm but Alan says he will be helping, as they are all in this together now. And Sandie and Ruth have a girly chat and Sandie even uses coarse language to describe relationships. At Jackie and Kathy's welcome home party and dinner, Jack is more interested in going for a date with Barbara but says he will be back later for a nightcap. This does not please Annie.


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