Jock, Bill and Caroline all get the good news that they can have their jobs back permanently if they want them. Naturally they all accept. Annie's going to Hotten to visit a sick friend so Kathy offers to cook instead. Amos' and Henry's disagreement over the new Triple XXX beer continues, but eventually Amos is forced to admit that Henry was right all along. Nick tells Kathy that he didn't get in to university, and he's not even sure he wants to go any more. Kathy tries to persuade him but he's made up his mind. Mr Hartley, the owner of Saint, the horse Joe and Kathy has looked after shows up at Home Farm and wants it back. Joe is interested in buying it but hasn't got the money. Hartley wants £2000 for the horse. Joe doesn't want to let it go though until he's seen some paperwork regarding the horse and has been paid for the vet bills and stabling. Kathy decides to cook curry instead of the meat pie Annie had planned. She gets a bit annoyed when Annie watches her cook and comments on every thing she does. Caroline has heard from Kathy that Nick stayed home from school and she confronts him about it. Kathy's curry is a success, except with Annie. A hurt Kathy later tells Jackie that she doesn't feel at home at Emmerdale Farm and wonders if she ever will.


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  • Roy Alon was credited as the stunt arranger for this episode.
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