Nick has been out all night. His mum Caroline is worried. Nick has stayed with Archie at his caravan. Alan berates Jock for being late with the Land Rover yesterday. Seth is stood next to Jock and ready to cover for him if he needs to regarding the real reason why Jock was late with the vehicle. Alan tells him that such behaviour could set Home Farm on the road to bankruptcy. Alan says there are plenty of redundant NY Estates workers who would jump at the chance to work here. He tells Jock and Seth to get back to the fish farm. At Emmerdale, Archie is painting his car. Jock thanks Seth for covering for him earlier. Seth says he cannot promise he will cover for him again. Henry and Amos have another heated row about the nozzles for the beer pumps. Henry even says he is considering leaving and moving to Italy. This worries Amos. Joe is working hard to keep Saint, the stallion he rescued in the fells, but it looks like he's running out of time. But he has a stroke of luck when Ruth Pennington buys it for him. Alan Turner arrives to tell Joe the good news. Joe is pleased.


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