Sandie's relationship with Phil is about to change dramatically - today will confirm or deny her suspicions. Jock is fast becoming a liability at Home Farm as he is hungover. Amos overhears Henry on the phone to his daughter Marian saying how he had a row with Amos earlier on and even said he was leaving. The workforce at Home Farm are awaiting a delivery of fish but the lorry is late. Caroline phones the drivers and says that when they say they are going to do something that they should do it. They say they will be there in a few minutes. Caroline messages Alan on his walkie talkie. Alan says they better arrive quickly, as they cannot wait around all day. A hungover Jock is having a coughing fit and is sick in nearby bushes. Alan asks what is wrong with him. Alan says that while they are waiting for the delivery they can check the inlets for blockages. Seth is more worried about his dinner break and Alan unfairly says there will be a time where a dinner break is a thing of the past. Alan says they are all in this together now. The fish delivery then arrives. Alan says they can check the inlets later now. Alan also has a potential shooting weekend client coming up from London. A stockbroker called Sir Charles Douglas is the client. Alan says Sir Charles will arrive here tomorrow. Jock and Seth are decanting fish into a tank and Turner tells them to be careful. Sandie has bought a pregnancy test kit and she is pregnant. She is delighted.


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