It's the morning after the night before. Alan regrets what he did do, while Joe and Ruth regret what they didn't. Alan faces the wrath of his business partner Joe when Joe is angry at him for drink driving, and losing them a very important client. Alan tells Joe to stop moralising. Alan says everyone drink drives, and it is just luck as to whether you get caught or not. Caroline takes a dim view at Alan's remark, and it makes Alan realise. Alan tells Jock that he will not sack him for the fish farm mistake. Alan then has to go to Hotten police station and he meets Dolly and Sandie outside. He fobs Dolly off, saying he had a problem last night so left his car outside the police station. Sgt Ian MacArthur emerges from the station, and gives Alan his driving license back. Alan then tells Dolly that she may as well know what he has got up to as everyone is bound to know soon. Henry is walking through the woods and spots something. It is a rare bird. A Siberian Thrush. Amos is still worried that Henry will carry out his plan to move to Italy after their argument a few days ago. Amos drops hints, but Henry does not tell him straight out whether he is moving away or not.


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