Janie tells Alison that she is pregnant but worries about telling Frank. However, Frank hears about it from Joe when Alison lets slip.


Amos and Henry start clearing up the pub after the new year party. Frank wants to take Janie out to celebrate their anniversary early. The Beckindale Hunt is held on the village green outside The Woolpack. Joe is still feeling down over the news of Carol not returning. Janie has a minor accident where she hurts her foot. She then confides in Alison that she's pregnant and worries about telling Frank. She also confides in her that Frank has been offered a teaching job in Essex but she doesn't really want to go. George and Potter have a drink and a chat at his lounge at Miffield Hall. Alison later lets slip the news of her pregnancy in the pub. Joe gives Frank congratulations over Janie being pregnant. He is shocked.


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