Ruth returns to the village without Tom or her children, and snaps at Edward when he asks after Tom.


Amos arrives back from his brother's auction with a family heirloom - a painting of his grandfather. Ruth Merrick turns up at Smithy Cottage. Frank and Janie are surprised to see her. Joe, Matt, Henry and Annie go over Cuthbertson's scheme for the farm. They agree to go through with his decisions. Henry isn't happy about selling Hawthorn Cottage however and is shocked further when Joe suggests knocking down the remains of Inglebrook House and joining the land up with Emmerdale Farm. The following day, Henry calls into the farm to inform them he's going to London on business for the day tomorrow and he and Joe disagree over the plans for Inglebrook land again. Alison reminds him that the shop's deep freezer is being delivered tomorrow but Henry informs her he won't be there for it. Reverend Ruskin visits Frank and discovers Ruth is back. He asks after Tom but she tries to avoid the question and snaps at him.


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