Ruth discharges herself from hospital. Annie is shocked when Joe brings Ruth and Janie to the Farm.


Ruth is in hospital following her overdose and the news is the talk of the village. Janie feels guilty about not noticing the state of Ruth's unhappiness. Reverend Ruskin calls to see them to ask how she is. He wonders if Ruth was actually trying to kill herself or if it was her way of crying for help. Amos fills in Alison on the goings on between Ruth and Jack. Frank tells Janie that if he takes the job, they'll have to leave within two weeks. Ruth arrives back from the hospital, having discharged herself. Amos is still skeptical about going into partnership with Henry. Henry tells him to go over to see his solicitor, Peters, tomorrow to talk things through properly with him and he'll cover for him whilst he does. Henry tells Joe he wants to turn Hawthorn Cottage and The Mill into holiday cottages. Alison and Matt stop for tea in Hotten after visiting the department store. She confides in him about her marriage to Peter and they discuss the twins christening. He agrees to rethink having them christened. Ruth talks to Reverend Ruskin about her marriage with Tom and explains that he's treated her badly. She says she's met another man now and she won't be resuming things with Tom. Annie tells Henry that he can forget his idea of turning The Mill into a holiday cottage as she promised Jack that she would look after it until he returned. Frank leaves for Essex to find out more about the teaching job. Annie receives a shock when Joe arrives at the farm with Janie and Ruth.


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